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Guardforce Attend At DBS Business Class Smart Living Disrupt

DBS Business Class Smart Living Disrupt 11 Apr 2019Guardforce smart hygiene management solution is demonstrated at the DBS Business Class Smart Living Disrupt which held on 11 April 2019, at Pedder Building, Central.

Guardforce smart hygiene management solution uses intelligent sensors to collect data, allowing facility managers to analyze and manage resources more effectively. Managers could predict demand and allocate manpower and resources base on the data collected to ease the pressure of labour shortage.

In addition, Guardforce’s smart waste management solution combines cloud technology with the latest intelligent sensor and smart waste bin technology to help facility managers manage waste bins for large facilities. The program monitors the real-time status of each smart waste bin and helps the facility to efficiently handle problems such as overfilling of waste bins, low efficiency of emptying, high emissions, poor sanitation and lack of waste disposal information.

The event fosters communication between the business community and the public. We promoted smart solutions to users to help them solve problems effectively, aimed to enhance their quality of life and experience, and contribute to Hong Kong becoming a smart city.

Guardforce at DBS Business Class Smart Living Disrupt 11 Apr 2019


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