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Guardforce Hong Kong Exhibited Smart Care Solutions At GIES 2020

GIES2020 | Smart care soluions  - Guardforce Hong Kong

The 4th Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit was held on 19-22 November at the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre to showcase technological products that help improve the quality of life for the senior members of the community.  For the third time in a row, Guardforce Hong Kong was invited by the organiser, the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, to be an exhibitor at the event. Our facial recognition-powered anti-wandering solution was selected as a featured product by the organiser. The solution that has won multiple awards has been adopted by more than 30 elderly care facilities and day centres. In this year’s event, Guardforce also exhibited the enhanced Smart Care Solution augmented by fall detection, bed exit alarm and brain activity sensor. The response to the enhanced solution was enthusiastic.

The fall detection and bed exit alarm features use radar technology to support constant monitoring of senior residents. It can detect situations when a resident takes a tumble, or when a resident gets off the bed at an unusual hour, or if a fight breaks out between service users. An alert will be sent to caregivers instantly when such risks are detected.

The newly added brain activity sensor uses near-infrared technology to check real-time brain activity and stimulating games to provide effective brain training, which will help improve the seniors’ quality of life, work, and learning, as well as prevent cognitive impairment.

Guardforce has also introduced robotics solutions applicable for care facilities and day care centres, such as the Whiz, the Smart VirusGuard, and Porter Guard. The solutions can help to relieve the workload for caregivers as well as enhance operational efficiency and public health safety.

Guardforce continues to show care for the community and endeavours to apply innovative technology to improve the quality of life for senior citizens and people in need, as well as help social service organisations enhance the quality of care.

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