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Guardforce’s Virusguard Received The Anti-Epidemic Technology Product Award 2020 Of Adversity Awards

VirusGuard received anti-epidemic technology product award 2020 of Adversity awards - Guardforce

Guardforce’s VirusGuard has been awarded the Anti-epidemic Technology Product Award 2020, presented by Hong Kong Retail Technology Industry Association (RTIA) on 3rd September 2020. The award is under the Adversity Awards created by RTIA this year to honour outstanding parties that showed impressive performance in overcoming adversities.

Award winners were evaluated based on various factors, including good use of technology and innovation, the product’s market potential and performance, as well as industry benefits and impact.

Guardforce’s VirusGuard can be deployed to spray and disinfect premises constantly and consistently with disinfectants proven safe for humans in lab tests. The smart robot can take over extensive floor and air disinfection at shopping malls, shops, hospitals, schools, and other public facilities. The smart VirusGuard serves to keep shopkeepers and shoppers safe from coronavirus infection without increasing workloads.

Guardforce will continue to deliver innovative solutions to the market and keep the community safe.

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