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Guardforce Invited To Share Gerontechnology Implementation At Huawei Webinar

Guardforce HK Hauwei webinar - Gerontechnology Implementation

Huawei invited Guardforce’s Assistant General Manager, Business Strategy & Transformation- Steven Leung to speak at the Huawei Cloud Thursday Webinar – February series on February 25. He talked about “Gerontechnology - From Safety to the Promotion of Well-Being”, sharing the experience on the implementation of gerontechnology.

Steven said the 5G network promotes the development of technology, and Guardforce is actively using technology to improve the lives of the elderly through its Smart Care Solutions. Guardforce is the first in Hong Kong to apply facial recognition to power its anti-wandering system that prevents the elderly from wandering off a care facility yet gives them the freedom to move about without restrictions. A new generation of bed exit and fall alarms have also been introduced recently to keep an eye on the elderly in care and track his/her vital signs to ensure that timely care can be provided when required.

In addition to ensuring safety, the Smart Care Solution also takes care of the cognitive health and quality of life of the elderly, using a new brain activity enhancement program to make brain games and exercises fun and interactive as well as to collect scientific data for cognitive assessments.

Guardforce HK Hauwei webinar - Bed exit alarmGuardforce HK Hauwei webinar - brain sensor and gaming

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