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Guardforce Joins IndustryConnect At Hong Kong Science Park

31 Sep 2019 | Guardforce at HKSP Industryconnect | Presentation

Guardforce took part in the IndustryConnect exchange session organised by Hong Kong Science Park in conjunction with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) on 31st September. At the exchange session, Guardforce introduced smart city innovation such as robotics and smart bin solutions to HKGCC members, and demonstrated the sensor application of our smart cleaning solution at the booth.

Smart bin and smart cleaning use the Internet of Things technology to collect big data for analytics and help facility management companies effectively manage manpower and other resources in a bid to lower operating costs.

Guardforce’s robotics solution uses multi-functional fully autonomous robots to help save manpower and ensure consistent performance.

Guardforce actively takes part in smart city activities to conduct in-depth discussions in a bid to work closely with the business sector to build Hong Kong as a world-class smart city.

31 Sep 2019 | Guardforce at HKSP Industryconnect | Booth tour

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