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Bringing Smart City Concept To Personal Needs

The smart city concept is often associate with high level concept, such as smart mobility, smart building, smart living etc.  Guardforce now introduces the smart concept from the personal level, smart hygiene that is directly relevant to our daily life. 

Steven Leung, Assistant General Manager of Business Strategy & Transformation, shared his view on how to apply IoT technology into the public hygiene especially under the current outbreak of COVID 19 in the latest issue of Smart Vision Magazine.   

Using different sensors such as gas, motion, etc performs different functions to help detect the cleanliness of the toilets, replenish level of the toilet supply, as well as the vacancy of the toilets and safety of the users.  All these data can link up to the central dashboard, allowing managers of cleaning company to access to these information and take action according to the data.  This smart cleaning concept can help improve efficiency of the cleaning management companies.

The enterprises that have adopted the smart hygiene solution can attest to the advantages of the solution in facilitating operational efficiency, engendering a much more wholesome and pleasant customer experience and ensuring users’ safety.  The solution is suitable for shopping mall, school campus, commercial building, hospital and places have multiple toilets.

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