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Smart Bins Featured On TVB’s Tech Program

Our smart waste management solution was featured in TVB program – Innovation GPS on 26th January 2023. The program showed that our smart waste bin and auto-sorting recycling bin are perfect solutions for managing waste in line with the Municipal Solid Waste Charging Scheme to be introduced by the government later this year. The bins have smart features to automatically capture real-time data that can help trigger automated functions like compression, indicating fill-up level, auto-sorting, image capturing and more. The data are very useful for users as valuable information not only for waste management but also commercial insights.

The program highlighted that the cashless trend and advance of technology have prompted the company to diversify from traditional cash-in-transit business to providing technology-based solutions. GF Technovation was launched in 2020 as a spin-off of Guardforce’s Business Development Division, to focus on pioneering smart city solutions and technology for enhancing elderly care and safety for the benefit of the community.

Watch the Innovation GPS segment:

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