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To enrich the peoples’ lives with innovative ideas and technology applications

GF Technovation, a Guardforce Company, aims at enriching the society and people’s lives by innovative ideas and technology applications. 

As a spun-off from the Business Strategy and Transformation Department of Guardforce Group, GF Technovation is not completely new to the market. 

Our first-ever project was a pioneer solution for the elderly sector in Hong Kong in 2016 and the project has earned us a number of industry awards in Hong Kong, Macau and Singapore. 

Now, we extend our reach beyond the elderly sector: we are developing solutions from Internet-of-things (IOT) to robotics to advanced security, and serving the government agencies, NGOs, and private companies. 

We continue to invest in resources, preparing Guardforce on the heels of technological advancement as well as enhancing our society through creative applications of technology.

GF Technovation is established as an extended arm of the Business Strategy and Transformation Department of Guardforce Group
Hong Kong
First anti-wandering solution with facial recognition technology
Awards for creativity & commercial viability
Business focus on advance technology, robotics, smart cities and smart elderly care
Our Strengths

We adhere to the possible highest standard in all aspects and act with honesty, vigilance and ethics


We strike for exceptional quality and value, through quantified and objective measurement

People Oriented

We build solutions that respond to social and customers’ needs, by people who are trusted and respected


We develop solutions that are impactful to society from a long term perspective


We enhances the quality of peoples’ lives through the creative application of technology

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