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Elderly Fall Detection Alarm System



Keeping a close watchful eye on the elderly under our care when they are up and about is challenging enough, but how do we keep them safe when they are in their room or have gone to bed?

Elderly people falling is a leading cause of injury and death given the frailer state of their bodies. Falling could be due to issues keeping balance, failing eyesight or the sudden onset of illness – all risk factors for the elderly.

However, placing surveillance cameras in bedrooms is not an option due to privacy concerns. Instead, GF Technovation (Powered by Guardforce) has developed a non-visual fall detection alarm system.

The system alerts caregivers if the elderly person falls in their room, whether it is while moving around or exiting the bed unaccompanied, so they can respond without delay. Using this system, our elderly can enjoy peace of mind that someone will be there quickly should they need them, while also maintaining their privacy.

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The system scans the motion of the human body in the area under surveillance using millimeter wave radar technology. 77GHz radar is chosen as it is subject to substantially less interference compared to infrared.

Though developed as a non-visual fall detection alarm and video images of bodies and faces are not shown, the system does graphically show the status of the person in the area being covered, as to whether they are lying down, sitting, or moving around, in the form of low resolution x-y-z points. This protects the subject’s privacy but ensures that any incident is captured effectively and can be dealt with.

As the person moves around, the system updates their motion status. If a fall is detected, caregivers receive an alert either via a PC or through a mobile device. This means that caregivers are free to carry out their other essential duties without worry.

The system is also suitable for any area where unobtrusive surveillance is needed and not only falling is detected, even fighting can trigger an alarm if necessary. 

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Introducing the 6-In-1 Sensor – an enhanced bed exit alarm and fall detection system

The GFT-6IN1-RA is a cutting-edge device that combines two powerful technologies: a passive infrared-based PIR sensor and a 60GHz Radar. This integrated system allows for seamless detection and transmission of results via multiple networks such as Wi-Fi, LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, and 4G to our advanced backend Dashboard system. With this intelligent device, you can effectively monitor and detect six crucial scenarios within the designated area:

1. Occupancy

Stay informed about the presence of individuals in the monitored area.

2. Motionless

Detect any lack of movement, alerting you to potential issues.

3. Long-Stay

Keep track of prolonged periods of occupancy to ensure the well-being of individuals.

4. Bed/Zone Exit

Receive real-time notifications when someone leaves a designated bed or area.

5. Fall Detection

Safeguard against falls and receive immediate alerts for prompt assistance.

6. People Count

Accurately count the number of people present in the monitored space.


The versatility of the GFT-6IN1-RA extends beyond traditional applications in elderly care or hospital settings. This innovative device can be utilized in public restrooms within shopping malls, office buildings, parks and various other scenarios to enhance safety and security.

Bed Monitoring

With the GFT-6IN1-RA, you can easily detect occupancy, bed exits and falls in hospitals and elderly care centers. This optional feature provides invaluable support for ensuring the well-being of patients and elderly individuals.

Toilet Monitoring

With the GFT-6IN1-RA, you can effortlessly monitor public toilets with comprehensive detection capabilities. This intelligent device enables you to detect and address various critical aspects for a safer and more efficient restroom experience.

Occupancy: Stay informed about the presence of individuals in the restroom, ensuring timely maintenance and improved user experience.

Motionless: Detect any prolonged periods of inactivity, allowing for prompt response and ensuring the well-being of individuals.

Long-Stay: Keep track of extended stays in the restroom to manage visitor flow and optimize facility management.

Fall Detection: Provide an extra layer of safety by detecting falls and triggering immediate alerts for swift assistance.

User-friendly dashboard

To simplify monitoring and management, the GFT-6IN1-RA comes with a user-friendly dashboard. This intuitive interface allows you to access real-time data, receive alerts and analyze usage patterns effortlessly. With the dashboard, you can make informed decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall restroom operations.

Elevate the safety and efficiency of public restrooms with the GFT-6IN1-RA. Experience the convenience of comprehensive monitoring, intelligent detection, and a user-friendly dashboard, all in one powerful device.


The bed exit alarm and fall detection system have a number of benefits for the elderly, their loved ones and caregivers as well as care homes.

  • Elderly persons and their loved ones can enjoy peace of mind that should an incident occur, someone will attend quickly
  • Caregivers are placed under less pressure and can respond quickly to incidents only when needed, freeing them up to carry out their other essential duties without worry
  • Non-visual fall detection alarm so an individual’s privacy is maintained
  • The system can be used in any area that unobtrusive surveillance is required and can be used to detect even fighting
  • Radar technology is employed, rather than infrared, meaning the system is less susceptible to interference


Ensuring our elderly are safe wherever they are is our priority and gives peace of mind to caregivers, loved ones and anyone operating a care home. To learn more about this cost-effective and non-intrusive system, contact us today.

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