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Vital Signs Monitoring

A disruptive technology to detect human vital signs

Gauging vital signs to detect falls

Falls can happen anywhere in any way. While there are wearable devices such as pendants, gyroscopes, and barometer sensors to detect “fast/rapid” type of falls by measuring atmospheric pressure, we believe there was a gap in detecting slow/sliding type of falls when a person is able to grab onto something before falling to the ground.

GF Technovation’s non-contact vital sensor is an ideal solution to fill this gap. The device continuously scans for ToF (time of flight) motions and confirms a fall has happened by locating the heartbeat and breathing signals emitted from the body on the ground of the monitored space.

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How does it work?

Using Impulse Radio Ultra-Wide Band Radar Technology (IR-UWB RADAR), the sensor emits 10 million impulses per second in an area of up to 10 square meters. The sensor looks for micro vibrations and objects.  If the person being monitored has fallen down, the sensor will be activated through the ToF and start to search for vital signs on the ground. The sensor will confirm if it can detect 3 vital signs – heart rate, breathing rate and movement. When any one of the vital signs is not detected, the sensor will send out a real-time push alert to a designated responder via a smart phone or a wearable device to call for immediate action.

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What are the Benefits?

This patented product can deliver numerous benefits for use at hospitals and elderly care centers where bedrooms and bathrooms are high-risk areas for fall accidents to occur when the person being monitored is often alone and out of sight. It is also suitable for home use to keep an eye on seniors living on their own. 

Learn more about GF Technovation’s Vital Signs Monitoring Sensor

Keeping the elderly safe has always been our priority. Technology can help us keep an eye on them and provide peace of mind to caregivers.To learn more about the Vital Sensor and how to integrate it in your care regime, please contact us today.

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