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Kitchen Waste Disposal - Smart Bin Solution for Waste Management

Kitchen Waste Disposal - Smart Bin Solution for Waste Management | GF Technovation

Kitchen waste management is something that people have to deal with on a daily basis. In fact, it is impossible to prepare and serve food without producing some type of waste.

Kitchen waste is anything that is left over from the preparation, cooking and serving of a meal. It can include food scraps, trimmings, vegetable peels, egg shells, bones and fat drippings among others. All of this adds up to a lot of waste, and the problem usually gets worse when the trash is not disposed properly.

According to the report published by the Environmental Protection Department, Hong Kong generates approximately 3,648 tonnes of food waste each day and accounts for 38% of the municipal solid waste. One-third of the food waste comes from the industrial and commercial sectors while the remaining is from households.

And, most of this garbage ends up in landfills.

Kitchen waste disposal has become the need for the century to manage the increasing amount of food waste. A good approach is to use kitchen waste disposal machines and smart bins to efficiently handle the daily waste, improve operational efficiency and create long-term benefits for society.

Kitchen Waste Disposal Machines - The Smart Option for Kitchen Waste Disposal

In Hong Kong, a lot of homes have no proper kitchen waste management system in place, leading to the biggest pressures on the environment. The situation becomes worse as people are not disposing of their garbage properly, and plastic bags are being left out on the streets, leading to a monumental waste crisis.

Urban areas need proper food waste management solutions to reduce their carbon footprint and create a sustainable environment without much effort. KitchenAid waste disposal machines and smart bins are recommended to manage waste disposal effectively.

These kitchen waste disposal systems create a new standard for efficient waste management for many residential and commercial kitchens. The technology allows quick and easy disposal of kitchen waste by automatically compressing any organic material found inside. These food waste disposers help you live a greener, more sustainable life.

Smart Bin - A Smart Approach to Kitchen Waste Disposal

Many eateries and households are using conventional trash bins or garbage disposal for kitchen waste management.  However, this process is neither effective nor hygienic when it comes to keeping the surroundings clean.
People usually handle the waste from the kitchen in a haphazard manner. The food remnants stick to the floor and walls, leading to damp, bad odour and attracting rodents. This is why businesses and households need a Smart Bin solution, which is a cost-effective way of getting rid of the kitchen waste.

The Smart Bin technology by GF Technovation provides a system that can fit almost any existing public space, residential and commercial buildings, schools, parks, community centres, and as well as restaurants. It offers a smarter way to manage your waste via a system with integrated sensors that monitor bin levels in real-time so that they get emptied before they overflow.

The Smart Bin also comes with various features such as automatic disinfection, identity authentication and record system, automatic deodorization at regular intervals and a built-in weight measurement device.

There are also sensors inside the bin which allows for an automatic mechanism to monitor and compress the garbage, and alert the owner if something goes wrong.

Benefits of Having a Smart Bin for Kitchen Waste

The Smart Bin provides significant benefits for the end user. It helps in creating an efficient kitchen waste management system to keep the surroundings clean and hygienic. It is ideal for busy locations such as campuses, shopping malls, theme parks, restaurants, etc., where the efficient and timely waste management is needed.

In addition, residential buildings also require the regular collection of kitchen waste with proper disinfection to ensure the good health of the residents. Maggots, flies, cockroaches, rodents and other insects can spread diseases in a building which can affect children and elders – they are at greater risks.

The smart bin caters to all the cleaning requirements, such as disinfection and deodorization at regular intervals to prevent bad odour. In addition, the automatic system of cleaning and compressing the garbage put less burden on the building authorities, thus improving their operational efficiency while reducing management costs.

Join the Smart Kitchen Waste Disposal Revolution

The smart bin signals the end to the days of “dumb” bins and inefficient waste management systems by minimizing the chances of pollution and health hazards and contributes to a cleaner and more hygienic environment for everyone.

The Hong Kong Government is also determined to alleviate the food waste burden by offering funding to encourage housing estates to adopt smart food waste recycling solutions and build green communities.

GF Technovation collaborates with the iRecycle platform to support this clean and hygienic food waste recycling campaign. Our smart bins record each recycler’s contribution, making the recycling process much more efficient.

If you also want to join the food waste recycling campaign, you can register on the iRecycle platform and collect iDollars every time they recycle food waste through the smart bin. You can redeem the reward points on dining, shopping, entertainment, and healthcare.

And, if you need a smart bin to manage the increasing kitchen waste, you can contact us anytime.




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