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Smart Cities like Hong Kong are looking to technology to improve operational efficiency and create long-term benefits for the society. Dealing with millions of tonnes of municipal solid waste annually in a smarter way is as important as smart security, smart traffic and smart energy.

Food waste is also a big issue, as it comprises 30% of the daily landfill waste and could cause hygiene problems such as bad smell and leachate. Now, corporations can apply for up to $2.5 million of subsidy from the Government’s $100 million Recycling Fund to resolve the food waste problem at source, and contribute to keeping our environment and future more sustainable.

Making waste sorting easier for recycling glass, metal, paper and plastic will make it more convenient for people to join in the recycling efforts.

GF Technovation presents Smart Bin, Smart Food waste Recycling Bin and Auto-sorting Recycling Bin to manage waste using cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), big data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technology. The revolutionary waste management systems help to reduce costs and ease logistics for processing waste and improve the environment for everyone.

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Smart bin is an intelligent waste management system equipped with the following features:

Fill-Level alert

Using embedded wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors, it is able to detect how full the bin is. This data is sent to a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform through the IoT. On the basis of this data, waste collection services can optimize their routes and frequency to greatly improve operational efficiency and cut costs.

Solar-powered compactor

An embedded solar-powered trash compactor activates at a pre-set level. This enables the bin to hold up to 8 times more waste and avoid overflowing.

Safety measures

To ensure the safety of users, intelligent sensors are installed which stop compaction if a hand is detected. The sensors also detect fire. If this occurs, the bin will send an alert to the monitoring station and then automatically begin extinguishing the fire.

Fleet Management Platform with real-time data

Operating the system is made easy thanks to a comprehensive Fleet Management Platform. The platform monitors each smart waste bin through a single dashboard. Using the real-time data obtained, it optimizes waste collection routes and schedules, and benefits the environment further by reducing emissions from collection trucks, especially when collecting at remote sites. 

Multimedia display panel

A light box display or message sticker can be inserted on the bin’s body to conduct eye-catching promotions, especially if the bin is placed in a high-traffic area.

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2. WHAT IS SMART Food WaSte Recycling BIN

Smart food waste recycling bin comes with a range of intelligent functions, as follows, that differentiate it from the handling systems for solid waste:

IoT sensor for fill-level detection

The smart food waste bin can detect the fill-level of bins by using an embedded IoT sensor. Data is stored on the cloud-based platform for management analysis. Real-time monitoring of fill-up level helps to optimize waste collection schedules and routes.

Auto-deodorization and sterilization

The bin is equipped with auto-deodorizing and sterilizing features to prevent odors or leachate that may lead to landfill gases, and help to maintain a hygienic environment.

User identification and waste weighing

In preparation for the Government’s upcoming waste disposal charging scheme, a new feature is added to the smart bin for disposing kitchen waste and trash. The bin can verify user identity by card or QR code scanning, and weigh each load of disposed content and record it for each user automatically. This seamless operation is convenient for the property or building management to keep tenants’ disposal records.

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The nicely designed smart bin offers an innovative way for recycling. It can automatically distinguish a recycled item and place it into the right container within the bin. This smart process can enhance the whole recycling experience and make it easier and less time-consuming for people to recycle without pre-sorting. Its features include:

Auto waste sorting

The integrated AI and image processing technology helps to identify waste items automatically and sort them into plastic, paper, metal or glass containers.

Auto compression

No need to worry about overflowing bins as the bin’s IoT sensor will trigger compaction once the waste reaches a pre-set level. It also helps to maximize the bin’s storage capacity.

Digital display & app

Digital display is installed to indicate the fill-level of each bin, and the real-time data can be reviewed via the app or used to generate reports.

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user friendly interface | Smart Bin - GF TechnovationWith the combination of intelligent technologies, smart bins leave “dumb” garbage bins in their wake. Cities installing smart bins can enjoy:

  • Up to 60% reduction in waste collection rounds, resulting in less manpower, emissions, fuel use and traffic congestion
  • A reduction in the number of waste bins needed in any given location
  • Comprehensive analytics data to manage collection routes and the placement of bins more effectively
  • A significant improvement to public hygiene (i.e. no overflowing bins and less unpleasant odors)

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The Government is determined to alleviate the food waste burden. Under its Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong, the second phase of the action plan was launched in 2021, offering funding to encourage housing estates to adopt smart food waste recycling solutions and build green communities. To support the eco-friendly initiative, GF Technovation offer technology for clean and hygienic food waste recycling. The smart bins from GF Technovation not only eliminate odors and keep food waste collection hygienic. They are also equipped to monitor fill levels and record each recycler’s contribution, making the recycling process much more efficient.

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The Government has set up a HK$100 million Recycling Fund for residential buildings to adopt smart food waste collection and recycling solutions. Property management companies can apply for up to HK$2.5 million subsidy per application to support the recycling scheme at their residential estates.


Smart bins are a perfect waste management solution for busy city streets, theme parks, malls, campuses, hospitals, transport hubs and more. They are also well-suited for more remote locations, such as parks, campsites and beachside areas, as collectors only need to travel out when bins’ fill-level data indicate they are about full.  

GF Technovation’s smart waste bin will replace “dumb” bins and inefficient waste management systems for creating a cleaner and more hygienic environment for everyone, while reducing management costs, the inefficient use of resources and road-side emissions. To learn more about our smart waste management solution, contact us now for a free consultation.

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