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As cities such as Hong Kong move towards becoming Smart Cities, they look to technology to improve operational efficiency and create long-term benefits for society. As part of the drive, the question of how to deal with the millions of tonnes of municipal solid waste generated each year in a smarter way is as important as smart security, smart traffic or even smart energy.

To answer this question, GF Technovation has developed a revolutionary waste management system which reduces costs, eases logistics and improves the environment for everyone. Named the Smart Bin, it is a smarter way to manage waste using cutting-edge big data analytics, IoT and cloud technology.

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Smart Bin | sun energy compressor - GF TechnovationA smart waste bin is an intelligent waste management system. Using wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors embedded inside, it is able to detect how full the bin is and then, through the IoT, this data is sent to a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform. On the basis of this data, waste collection services can optimize their routes and frequency to greatly improve operational efficiency and cut costs.

The GF Technovation Smart Bin is also fitted with a solar-powered trash compactor which activates at a pre-set level. This enables the bin to hold a great deal more waste (up to 8 times) and avoid overflowing.

To ensure the safety of users, intelligent sensors are installed which stop compaction if a hand is detected. The sensors also detect fire and if this occurs, the bin will send an alert to the monitoring station and it will automatically begin extinguishing the fire.

Operating the system is made easy thanks to a comprehensive Fleet Management Platform. The platform monitors each smart waste bin through a single dashboard. Using the real-time data obtained, it optimizes collection routes and schedules. As well as improving efficiency and general public hygiene, this system benefits the environment even further by reducing emissions from collection trucks – an important consideration especially when dealing with remote sites. 


user friendly interface | Smart Bin - GF TechnovationWith their combination of intelligent waste monitoring and trash compaction technologies, smart bins leave “dumb” garbage bins in their wake. Cities installing smart bins can enjoy:

  • A reduction in the number of waste collections needed by up to 80%, resulting in less manpower, emissions, fuel use and traffic congestion
  • A reduction in the number of waste bins needed in any given location
  • Comprehensive analytics data to manage collection routes and the placement of bins more effectively
  • A significant improvement to public hygiene (i.e. no overflowing bins and less unpleasant odours)

GF Technovation x iRecycle Food Waste Recycling Rewards Programme

The Government is determined to alleviate the food waste burden. Under its Waste Blueprint for Hong Kong, the second phase was launched last year, offering funding to encourage housing estates to adopt smart food waste recycling solutions and build green communities. To support the eco-friendly initiative, GF Technovation collaborates with the iRecycle platform to offer technology and rewards for clean and hygienic food waste recycling. The smart bins from GF Technovation not only eliminate odours and keep food waste collection hygienic. They are equipped to monitor fill levels, and record each recycler’s contribution, making the recycling process much more efficient.

Residents can register on the iRecycle platform as members, and then collect iDollars every time they recycle food waste through the smart bin. The reward points can be used to redeem dining, shopping, entertainment, and healthcare rewards. It’s simply the best way to get the benefits of green living and rewards.

HK$2.5 million Recycling Fund Now open for application

The Government has set up a HK$100 million Recycling Fund for residential buildings to adopt smart food waste collection and recycling solutions. Property management companies can apply for up to HK$2.5 million funding per application to support the recycling scheme at their residential estates.

Download the leaflet for more details.


Smart bins are a perfect solution to waste management on not only busy city streets but also in theme parks, malls, campuses, hospitals, transport hubs, and more. They are also well-suited for more remote locations, such as parks, campsites and beachside areas, where data on bin fill-levels allows collection services to only travel out when needed.

GF Technovation’s smart waste bin signals the end to the days of “dumb” bins and inefficient waste management systems and contributes to a cleaner and more hygienic environment for everyone, all the while reducing management costs, the inefficient use of resources and road-side emissions. To learn more about our smart waste management solution, contact us now for a free consultation.

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