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GF Technovation’s Smart Waste Management Solutions Showcased At Food Smart Conference And Expo

FoodSmart expo 2022 | GF technovationFood Smart Conference and Expo for the Food and Beverage Trade 2022, held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14 November, provided a showcase for the latest technologies on food waste collection, treatment and turning waste to energy/resources, innovative catering service and food waste management systems, development in sustainable food, environment friendly cutlery, AI & new technologies for the F&B Trade, as well as health and safe environment. The Environmental Protection Department also shared relevant policy initiatives such as MSW charging and regulation of disposable plastic tableware during the event.

GF Technovation took part in the event and exhibited the Smart Food Waste Recycling Bin and the Auto-Sorting Recycling Bin that can help the F&B trade process food waste and sort rubbish for recycling. The solutions can help meet the trade’s needs for complying with the Municipal Solid Waste Charging policy, as well as enhancing the trade’s operational efficiency. During the event, GF Technovation’s Director Mr Steven Leung also elaborated on site the easy application and efficiency of the smart food waste recycling solution.

Foodsmart expo 2022 -talk from Steven Leung | GF Technovation

The Auto-Sorting Recycling Bin shown at the event is able to automate the entire recycling process, from identifying waste to sorting, compressing, monitoring fill level and optimizing logistics management. The operation is fully automatic and intuitive, so that users can enjoy the seamless recycling experience even without referring to the manual.

The Smart Food Waste Recycling Bin has an user identification function for verifying user ID via a membership card or a QR code. It can then automatically record the weight of every lot of disposal by individual users. The embedded sensors can gauge the bin’s fullness, and automatically activate deodorization and sanitization too.

GF Technovation looks forward to next year’s event for another fruitful exchange with the F&B trade to understand the industry’s pain points, and develop corresponding innovative solutions to help the trade advance their business in a sustainable way, so as to actively take part in ESG efforts to build a sustainable future.

Foodsmart expo 2022  booth | GF Technovation

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