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GF Technovation Showcases Innovative Recycling and Waste Management Solutions at Rethink Expo 2023

Rethink 2023 - GF Technovation Booth - OpeningGF Technovation, presented its latest Recycling and Waste Management Solutions at the Rethink Expo 2023 held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, from 14 September to 15 September 2023.

GF Technovation showcased its newest models of the Auto-Sorting Recycling Bin, Smart Waste Bin, and Food Waste Collection Bin, which combine innovative features with eco-friendly practices. The Auto-Sorting Recycling Bin utilizes image processing technology and AI algorithms to streamline the recycling process, while the Smart Waste Bin optimizes waste collection schedules using real-time data analytics. The Food Waste Collection Bin efficiently collects and stores food waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

"Our goal is to manage waste in a smart and environmentally conscious way, supporting broader ESG goals," said Mr. Steven Leung, Director of GF Technovation. The expo provided a valuable platform for industry professionals and government representatives to explore innovative waste management solutions. GF Technovation received an overwhelming response and expressed interest in collaboration from visitors who engaged with their experts.

The participation of GF Technovation in the Rethink Expo 2023 exemplified their commitment to leveraging technology for environmental and societal betterment. By introducing cutting-edge recycling and waste management solutions, they are playing a pivotal role in shaping a greener and more sustainable future.

Rethink 2023 - GF Technovation Booth Rethink 2023 - customer at GF Technovation Booth - Day 2 Rethink 2023 - customer at GF Technovation Booth - Day 1

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