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Elderly well-being goes beyond physical safety with devices such as fall detection and bed exit alarms – mental health is equally important. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), around 50 million people suffer from dementia around the world with nearly 10 million new cases being diagnosed each year. Dementia is the general term to describe memory loss and issues with language and problem-solving. It is thought that Alzheimer’s disease contributes to 60-70% of dementia cases.

Though there is no cure currently available for dementia, early diagnosis can help the management of the symptoms. And with cognitive inactivity being one of the risk factors, maintaining mental agility and well-being in later life could be one of the aspects which helps to prevent or slow the onset of dementia.

GF Technovation is proud to introduce a ground-breaking product – ExBrain –that can help prevent cognitive impairment. The product helps to maintain cognitive function by providing brains games researched and developed through rigorous scientific testing to stimulate and measure brain activity and assist with early observation of cognitive decline.

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ExBrain – A cutting-edge pocket-sized brain sensor from Japan

ExBrain is a pocket-sized product to boost quick thinking, memory and focus to enhance cognitive health. Designed by NeU Corporation, it is the world’s smallest and lightest brain activity sensor and cognitive training product.

Director of NeU Corporation, who is also a professor of Tohoku University and a world-renowned brain specialist, Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, invented the advanced brain activity visualization system which shows brain activity of specific parts of the brain in real-time to help users consciously activate their brain.

Using near-infrared technology to safely measure brain activity and identify the activeness of the brain in real-time, the product helps individuals adjust training levels to optimize their cognitive training. The associated mobile app, Brain Meter, will also help users to realize the brain activeness while doing the drills, quiz, puzzles, or reading books, so that users understand more appropriate contents.

Users can proceed the brain training games by themselves on their own pace, without the need to make appointment to see therapists or professionals in order to undergo cognitive training.

The product is ideal for home use as well as for the use of elderly care centers.


ExBrain has a number of benefits for elderly mental health well-being, including:

  • Allows for the safe measurement of brain activity by near-infrared technology, with no side effects for human health
  • Visualize brain activity data in real-time to help therapists tailor cognitive exercises
  • Let users set their own schedule for doing brain training, without having to make appointments to see therapists or professionals to undergo such exercises
  • Allow therapists to overlook users’ brain activity record to use as a reference for designing treatment plans

Tailored virtual tours of Hong Kong

Through VR360 virtual reality goggles, seniors are taken on tours to see and experience different areas of Hong Kong, in the comfort of their seats. Content can be tailored for every care home.


GF Technovation is committed to keeping the elderly in our community safe and improving their quality of life and well-being. To learn more about these innovative products, contact us today.

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