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5 Ways the Commercial Sector can Benefit from Robotics

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many of us to embrace technology in new ways to continue working safely and efficiently. Working from home and living in lockdown has seen people young and old using internet applications to their full potential, such as the now widespread practice of organizing virtual meetings and gatherings instead of face-to-face. The commercial sector has also been utilizing new technologies, such as robotics, to improve safety and efficiency in their day-to-day operations. In this blog, we will look more closely at this trend and the 5 ways the commercial sector can benefit from robotics in Hong Kong.

Disinfection Robots – Protecting the public and frontline staff from pathogens

Perhaps the most essential robotic solution in the current times are disinfection robots. These smart devices are designed to keep public areas free from pathogens 24/7. VirusGuard by GF Technovation Hong Kong (seen in action below), for instance, operates using auto-pilot along pre-set routes. It effectively disinfects the air and surfaces with an aerosolized disinfectant which is certified safe for humans in lab tests. It is a perfect solution for premises with a large area to disinfect such as malls, hospitals, schools and offices and can even auto-navigate into elevators for multi-floor cleaning!

Cleaning Robots – Reducing labour costs and improving cleaning efficiency

As well as disinfection, regular cleaning duties can also be performed by robots. The emergence of COVID-19 coupled with labour shortages in the cleaning industry has seen a boom in the use of cleaning robots in the commercial sector. The WHIZ cleaning robot (developed by SoftBank Robotics) seen below is a great example of how far cleaning robots have come. Though small in size, this unit can actually clean a floor area up to 1,500 sqm on a single charge! It uses cutting-edge AI to maximize floor cleaning efficiency at any commercial premises and cleans so thoroughly that airborne bacteria are actually reduced by up to 80%!

Patrol Robots – Keeping areas secure on the move 24/7

Automated security solutions are also seeing a rise in popularity recently. Patrol robots, such as GF Technovation’s outdoor Patrol Robot seen in action below, perform 24/7 security patrols and mobile monitoring of indoor and outdoor areas. They can also be customized and relied upon to carry out a wide range of other tasks, including performing identity checks and screening for dangerous goods, with no need for direct human supervision – only alerting the control centre if an abnormal or suspicious situation is detected.

Delivery Robots – Reducing labour costs and increasing delivery efficiency

A delivery robot, such as the PorterGuard below, is an ideal solution for hotels, hospitals and offices where packages need to be sent from person to person efficiently and securely. With their intelligent mapping technology, they are well suited to navigating complex buildings and without the need for direct human contact, they help to prevent the spread of pathogens from one area to another.

Customer Services – An automated solution to improving the customer experience

Improving customer satisfaction is another area that robots excel at. The ConcieGuard below, for instance, is equipped with CCTV and facial recognition technology and performs everything from visitor management and access control to even measuring visitors’ body temperatures non-intrusively! What’s more, because it only requires Wi-Fi access and a standard plug socket it can be used as a permanent day-to-day customer service feature or deployed where and when it is needed.

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