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Security in and around a building is difficult to maintain. Human guards can be costly and difficult to recruit and must work in shifts. Automated security solutions are also seeing a rise in popularity recently, and there is an automated solution, however, which can solve these issues in the form of a Patrol Robot.

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Patrol robots are designed to perform 24/7 security patrols and mobile monitoring of indoor and outdoor areas. And, as with many robotic solutions, they can also be customized and relied upon to carry out a wide range of other tasks, including performing identity checks and screening for dangerous goods, with no need for direct human supervision – only alerting the control centre if an abnormal or suspicious situation is detected.

We at GF Technovation, have developed two such patrol robots, one specifically designed for indoor patrol duties and the other for outdoor patrol duties. Both robots are fully-autonomous mobile security guards and require no direct human supervision. They are Wi-Fi connected allowing for real-time security monitoring and they “see” by using a 360-degree HD Night vision CCTV camera ensuring there is no blind spot. The robot will send live images or alerts to a control centre if it detects an abnormal or suspicious situation. The data collected is also uploaded to the cloud for later investigation by security or law enforcement personnel. Facial recognition feature can also be added to spot VIP or blacklist subjects more accurately and promptly.

Each patrol robot will return to its charging station automatically when required so is able to operate 24/7, day or night, and the outdoor robot also has the added benefit of being able to operate in adverse weather conditions, so under heavy rain storm and typhoon season, the patrol duty will not be affected.

Our patrol robots are ideal for monitoring industrial parks, pipelines, warehouses, power plants, malls, campuses, residential developments and chemical storage facilities.

They are also useful aids at exhibitions and expos, assisting with crowd control, issuing announcements, performing identity checks and screening for dangerous goods.

Depending on your need, choose between our indoor or outdoor Patrol Robot.


Though both the indoor and outdoor robots share many of the same functions, our Indoor Patrol Robot is specifically designed to navigate through complex buildings. It can be programmed with a multi-layer map and can take the elevator by itself if it integrated with the elevator system allowing for multi-floor patrolling.

It is well-suited for patrolling schools, warehouses, shopping mall, hospitals and commercial/residential building and offices.


Our Outdoor Patrol Robot is able to withstand adverse weather conditions and is ideal for patrolling large outdoor public spaces, such as parks, and the outdoor areas of facilities and residential districts.


Whether you choose the indoor or outdoor robot, you will enjoy a number of valuable benefits:

  • Significant savings in manpower
  • Reliable 24/7 security monitoring, day-or-night, and with the outdoor robot, in any weather
  • Real-time video surveillance and alerts of suspicious or dangerous situations
  • The ability to configure your patrol robot to perform additional tasks such as screening for dangerous goods
  • A variety of useful data uploaded to the cloud for analysis and reporting
  • Each patrol robot is equipped with a variety of sensors to avoid accidents, such as ultrasound, and anti-crash 


So, as you can see, patrol robots are no longer science fiction. Contact us today to learn more about our cost-effective mobile robotic security solutions and the wide range of tasks they can perform.

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