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Security within and around a building poses significant challenges. Employing human guards can be both expensive and challenging due to recruitment and shift scheduling. Moreover, patrol tasks often expose guards to potential risks. Nevertheless, automated security solutions have gained widespread popularity. Fortunately, there exists a viable solution in the form of a Patrol Robot, which effectively addresses these concerns.

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Equipped with self-navigation, autonomous charging, and obstacle avoidance capabilities, patrol robots are specifically designed to conduct round-the-clock security patrols and mobile monitoring in both indoor and outdoor areas. Additionally, like many robotic solutions, they offer the flexibility of customization to fulfill various tasks. These tasks encompass identity checks, screening for hazardous materials, intelligent detection, early warning systems, and temperature detection, all without requiring direct human oversight—provided they are installed with the necessary specialized tools.

We provide two types of patrol robots, each designed for specific patrol duties: one for indoor environments and the other for outdoor areas. These fully-autonomous mobile security guards operate without the need for direct human supervision. Both robots are equipped with Wi-Fi or 5G connectivity, enabling real-time security monitoring. They employ a 360-degree panoramic surveillance system, eliminating blind spots. In the event of detecting abnormal or suspicious situations, the robot promptly sends live images or alerts to a control center. The collected data is also uploaded to the cloud, enabling users to access real-time or saved videos and images through mobile apps, smart tablets, or computers for immediate monitoring or future investigation. For enhanced accuracy and efficiency, the robots can be equipped with advanced AI capabilities such as facial recognition and license plate recognition.

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The patrol robots offer comprehensive features for effective remote control, warning, and deterrence. They include remote voice communication, audio and video intercom, as well as audible and visual alarm capabilities. These features enable prompt alerts to be sent when necessary. Additionally, the robot's audio and voice communication capabilities can be utilized for broadcasting purposes, making it ideal for promotional activities and functioning as a tour guide.

Our patrol robots are ideal for monitoring industrial parks, pipelines, warehouses, power plants, malls, campuses, residential developments and chemical storage facilities.

They are also useful aids at exhibitions and expos, assisting with crowd control, issuing announcements, performing identity checks and screening for dangerous goods.

Depending on your need, choose between our indoor or outdoor Patrol Robot.


Our Indoor Patrol Robot is meticulously crafted for seamless navigation within intricate building layouts. It possesses the capability to be programmed with a multi-layer map and can autonomously utilize elevators when integrated with the elevator system, facilitating multi-floor patrolling. This versatile robot is an ideal choice for patrolling a diverse range of environments, including schools, warehouses, shopping malls, hospitals, commercial and residential buildings, and offices. Moreover, it proves invaluable in exhibition and expo settings, where it aids in crowd control and can serve as a promotional tool and tour guide through its broadcasting features. Additionally, it can assist with issuing announcements, performing identity checks, and screening for hazardous materials, ensuring comprehensive security measures.

It is well-suited for patrolling schools, warehouses, shopping mall, hospitals and commercial/residential building and offices.

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Our L-Type Smart Patrol Robot is designed with advanced features to ensure optimal performance. It boasts a robust four-wheel drive and four steering suspension system, providing multiple modes of motion, including forward, oblique, and rotation. This enables the robot to effortlessly navigate various obstacles, conquer inclines, and bear heavy loads. Its sturdy construction and remote control driving capability allow it to withstand challenging weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for patrolling expansive outdoor public spaces such as industrial parks, campuses, residential developments and warehouse facilities.


Whether you choose the indoor or outdoor robot, you will enjoy a number of valuable benefits:

  • Significant savings in manpower
  • Reliable 24/7 security monitoring, day-or-night, and with the outdoor robot, in any weather
  • Real-time video surveillance and alerts of suspicious or dangerous situations
  • The ability to configure your patrol robot to perform additional tasks such as screening for dangerous goods
  • A variety of useful data uploaded to the cloud for analysis and reporting
  • Each patrol robot is equipped with a variety of sensors to avoid accidents, such as ultrasound, and anti-crash 


So, as you can see, patrol robots are no longer science fiction. Contact us today to learn more about our cost-effective mobile robotic security solutions and the wide range of tasks they can perform.

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