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It seems everyone is thinking of facial recognition these days. And it certainly has a multitude of uses. Security is the obvious one. As facial recognition is the most non-intrusive among all verification technology, it means that Facial Recognition can secure anything that can be linked to a camera and some software: bank accounts, phones, homes, safety deposit boxes, offices, computers, even getting through the airport security at a glance.

Facial recognition is not a new technology, in fact, many of us use it to access phones or even make payments, but how does it actually work? Well, a facial recognition system works using algorithms based on facial features, personal traits and even an individual’s behaviour to identify subjects through live or recorded images. Because no identification cards or wearable devices are required for a facial recognition system to correctly identify an authorised or unauthorised individual, it makes for a much more reliable and non-intrusive way to protect your premises.

GF Technovation is at the forefront of the development of facial recognition systems in Hong Kong and we have integrated the technology into many of our range of security and other devices, including our advanced door access systems.

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Monitoring access points using GF Technovation’s facial recognition door access solution is the best way to secure your premises.

A facial recognition door operates using CCTV integrated with facial recognition technology and smart locks. Once set up, the system will automatically recognise pre-registered individuals and grant access. If a subject is not recognised and is attempting to gain entry, the facial recognition door lock will deny access and an alert will be sent to an authorised person’s mobile phone or PC to handle.


The system is quick and cost-effective to install, operate and maintain, and is ideal for any premises where locks are installed. By installing a facial recognition door, you will benefit from:

  • A completely automatic security solution
  • The removal of human error
  • A non-intrusive and non-contact system
  • A reduction in manpower costs


Combining CCTV with facial recognition and smart locks is a great access control solution but GF Technovation has developed the technology further to be used in other settings beyond just security, such as:

  • Anti-wandering solution for elderly care centres – A cost-effective and reliable way to keep residents safe by preventing those with dementia or other conditions from leaving the premises unaccompanied.
  • VIP detection in retail outlets – Enhancing the customer experience and boosting sales by identifying VIPs in the shop and, by linking to a CMS, staff are alerted to their purchase record and preferences.
  • Office attendance and access – Taking workload away from Human Resources, managers and security staff by automatically recording attendance and allowing/preventing access to the office. Furthermore, with the fever check reader, The device is enabled for facial recognition and can be integrated with other systems, such as access control points, gates and doors, as a dual-control solution to only admit authorised personnel who do not have a fever.
  • Passenger identification for airlines – Identifying travellers for boarding in a non-intrusive way. Particularly useful for maintaining social distancing.

Facial Recognition uses on robotics

Robotics solutions make use of robots to carry out human tasks in both commercial and residential settings. GF Technovation integrates facial recognition into its robotics surveillance solutions. Examples of robots which employ facial recognition technology are Patrol Robot and Concierge Robot. Patrol robots conduct 24/7 security patrols and allow for the mobile monitoring of indoor and outdoor venues. They are able to send live images or alerts to control centres, especially when suspects are identified. Concierge robots control access to commercial or residential buildings through facial recognition, credential checking, and event registration. They can also be used to monitor staff attendance.

Facial recognition uses on Anti-epidemic control

As well as securing access points, Smart FeverCheck Access Control combines facial recognition with temperature checking technology to detect the body temperatures of all staff and visitors as they pass through the access checkpoint, whether they are wearing a mask or not. The technology keeps a record of all registered persons entering and leaving the premises including their body temperatures for easy tracking.

There’s no doubt that Facial Recognition is popular, and can be hugely convenient. GF Technovation is a leading innovator in security solutions and technology in Hong Kong. If you are interested in upgrading your security with a facial recognition door or are looking to employ facial recognition in other ways, contact us today for a free consultation and see how our friendly team of experts can help.

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