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Enhancing Occupational Safety at Construction Sites with technology

Worksite Safety a Major Concern for Construction

Worksite safety is of major concern to the construction industry. As different work processes are involved, risks are also high for working in enclosed spaces or at a height. Falling objects, slips, falling from a height or fire could happen by accident. Worksites are normally filled with construction workers exposed to risks in their line of duty. Yet, it’s often down to human supervision to ensure occupational safety, which poses tremendous pressure on those in charge.

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Using IoT, AI And Video Analytics to Keep Workers and Worksites Safe

GF Technovation’s latest solution Smart Worksite Monitoring System uses IoT, artificial intelligence and video analytics integrated with various hardware and software to serve multiple functions on a worksite, so as to monitor occupational safety round the clock to prevent accidents.

Basic features

Tailored Functions for Specific Worksite Needs

Email notification  | SMART WORKSITE MONITORING SYSTEM - GF TechnvoationWhatsapp notification  | SMART WORKSITE MONITORING SYSTEM - GF Technvoation

When sensors and cameras linked to the system detect unusual occurrences on a site, the system will issue an alert to the pre-set mobile app or email for designated personnel to take appropriate action.

Designated supervisors can also monitor the worksite through linked cameras to keep track of work progress.

The functions can be selected on a need basis, allowing users to tailor the solution for different scenarios.

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