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How Elderly Care, Waste Management And Facilities Management Are Being Transformed With Advanced Technology

How Elderly Care, Waste Management And Facilities Management Are Being Transformed With Advanced Technology

As technology advances at an unprecedented pace, traditional sectors such as elderly care, waste management, and facilities management are undergoing remarkable transformations. Leveraging cutting-edge solutions such as AI, cloud technology, IoT, and more to enhance these sectors is revolutionising these once manpower-intensive industries into becoming smarter, more efficient, and safer. In this blog, we will take a closer look at how elderly care, waste management, and facilities management are being transformed using advanced technology.

Improving elderly care

As our population ages, we need to find innovative solutions to care for a growing number of elderly people, with a finite amount of manpower. New technologies are helping to fill the gap and are revolutionising elderly care and wellbeing. Take for instance GF Technovation’s advanced anti-wandering solution which uses AI-driven facial recognition, rather than unreliable and uncomfortable wearable bracelets, to alert care givers if an elderly person is moving into an area which may be unsafe for them. See how it works below:

Bed exit and fall detection is another area where technology is helping to enhance safety and effectiveness without needing more manpower. Using radar and infrared IoT sensors, the area under surveillance is monitored automatically, and if any incident occurs, care givers are alerted immediately. This system not only improves response times while maintaining the privacy of individuals, it is also invaluable for areas which might otherwise be hidden from view, such as restrooms. Learn more from this video:

Technology is also revolutionising how we deal with those suffering from dementia. Keeping the brain active with personalised activities is not only fun but is also important to maintain healthy cognitive function. GF Technovation has a number of solutions for this such as the Obie Interactive Projector (shown below) which is an interactive gaming console that projects onto any surface allowing participants to touch images and engage in active games designed to boost cognitive activity as well as physical health.

Transforming waste management

Smart bins and auto-sorting recycling bins are now starting to pop up around cities. Both innovations are helping to transform waste management by helping waste management companies optimize collection schedules, and making recycling easier and more effective. GF Technovation’s solar powered Smart Bin (seen below) automatically compacts waste to optimize capacity, and with its integrated IoT sensors, alerts waste management companies when it needs to be emptied meaning no unnecessary trips. The data is also uploaded onto a cloud-based monitoring and analytics platform for further review and optimization of routes and bin positioning.

The auto-sorting recycling bin automatically detects the items deposited and, using integrated AI and imaging processing technology, auto-sorts them into plastic, paper, metal, or glass containers. The bin not only makes recycling more effective but is also fun to use! See it in action below:

Enhancing facilities management

Facilities management is also being revolutionised with cloud-based and automated solutions. Take GF Technovation’s advanced video analytics solution for instance. It boosts the function of conventional CCTV to allow for automated monitoring of any area using AI and facial recognition capabilities. Any changes in the environment will alert facility managers thereby reducing manpower needs and false alarms. Not only that, it can also be used for dwell and loitering monitoring, people counting, queue management, licence plate recognition, and demographic analysis with all data uploaded to the cloud for in-depth analysis. This allows facility managers to streamline operations, reduce costs, and improve safety and efficiency.

Learn more about GF Technovation’s smart technology solutions

GF Technovation is driving the transformation of traditional sectors such as elderly care, waste management, and facilities management through smart technology solutions. By harnessing the power of AI, cloud technology, and IoT, it is working to enhance the quality of care for the elderly, promoting sustainability in waste management, and optimizing facilities management processes. To learn more, click here.

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