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GF Technovation's Innovative Elderly Care Solutions Shine At GIES 2023

GIES 2023 - GF Technovation - Fall detection and vital sign sensor demoGF Technovation showcased a series of advanced technology solutions at the GIES 2023 exhibition, designed to enhance the safety and well-being of the elderly. These solutions included smart anti-wandering systems, bed exit and fall detection alarms, vital signs sensors, Vitals Bed sensor, and the Obie interactive projector that enhances cognitive health in the elderly.

GF Technovation's solutions garnered attention and interest from attendees at GIES 2023, further inspiring the company to continue pushing boundaries and incorporating valuable feedback to shape the future of elderly safety and well-being through advanced technology. GF Technovation remains committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and assisting in the intelligent transformation of the elderly care industry.

GF Technovation extends sincere gratitude to industry professionals and the public who visited our booth at GIES 2023. The support and feedback received serve as a strong driving force for the development of comprehensive and innovative elderly care solutions.

GIES 2023 - GF Technovation - Brain Sensor GIES 2023 - GF Technovation - Obie Projector GIES 2023 - GF Technovation - Fall Detection Alarm

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